analysis of’s search volume

We can see from the graph, in January 2004,the search volume was 40%,since then it started to grow,in November 2004,the search volume was 57%,increased by 17%.After that,it began to decline,in March 2005,it decreased to its bottom with a search volume of 35%,and since then,it grew or declined for many times.But there was a increase in total,and reached its peak in January 2010.

Then declined again,and grew for many times. In October 2012,the search volume was 66%,then grew quickly until December 2012,but declined again.In June 2013,the search volume is 72%.     The Britain enjoys the highest search volume,the second was Ireland with a search volume of 32%,the next is Arab emirates of 18, Pakistan of 17,but the volume in these countries is small.

From the analysis list of world search volume of, the United Kingdom is the first on the list for service is a service that is mainly used for the UK so the search volume of the United Kingdom can reach 100%. Ireland is the second on the list for the short distance between the country and the UK. It is influenced by the United Kingdom to a large extent to use this service.

As the typical city of the United Kingdom, London has taken up the 99% of the search volume. Some districts like Poplar and Brentford which are a part of London are the first and the third on the list. London is one of the metropolitan cities in the world and the native service of may be chose to begin from London.